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Can you stake Bitcoin?

For us Hoodlers, staking is a genius. You make your own coins available to the blockchain as a proof of stake and receive a regular reward from the blockchain. Of course you can always have everything. But staking helps the stability of the blockchain. This reward is 5-20% depending on the coin. But is this also available with Bitcoin?

The quick answer is NO, the smart answer is YES, but technically a little different (keyword: masternodes), with rewards averaging 15-25% per year. In this article we will take a closer look at how every hoodler can collect rewards with Bitcoin held in the blockchain via masternodes. And to be honest, everyone should actually use it because it’s so ingeniously simple.

Bitcoin Staking

The smart alternative to staking

Bitcoin Staking??

Bitcoin masternodes - earn passively

A masternode is a server in the decentralized network of the blockchain. These knots are important because they:

– process transactions

– save and relieve the blockchain

For every transaction processed by a masternode, it receives a reward. And so, as an operator, you can earn money with every transaction, and not a little. To operate a masternode, you need a large number of bitcoins and a server. We don’t have that, but there is the Getnode Pool, where people like us pool and Getnode runs a server for it. Getnode receives 25% of the rewards won and we 75%, which is still a lot of wood. How much, I calculate for you from my 2 years of experience with it.

Getnode experience in one year

The profits in a year!

How much Getnode’s profit did I have over the year? In my table on the left you can see my payouts compared with the amount I invested myself. I did the math for you and actually came up with a return of 28.42% in one year 

I have to admit. I was surprised at the return. Especially since Bitcoin price gains are not included. The Bitcoin course initially has nothing to do with it.

I then extrapolated to 20 years and well, let’s say about my pension, I don’t have to worry. So I paid € 1000 each for the future of my children . When they grow up, I may be able to support them a lot. In addition, I strongly assume that Bitcoin itself will continue to rise over the years.

Payable at any time | reliable??

I can testify that Getnode always pays out on time and is absolutely reliable !

Of course, I also had thoughts like: Is my money safe? Would I get it back anytime? How long does a withdrawal take?

And yes, … if I wanted to withdraw money, it was always in my account within 2-3 days. The winnings, as you can see on the table, were also paid out very reliably . And the more I get involved with the company, the more trustworthy it comes across. 

Everything is clearly described on the Getnodes homepage and as a member you get access to webinars, general meetings etc. online .

Masternode pool dealer

So it is clear that staking does not work with Bitcoin, but masternodes work differently, for us Hoodlers it comes out the same. Additional, rich rewards for temporarily making our coins available on the blockchain.

If you are interested in trying out the Getnode Masternode Pool like many others, I recommend you just take a look at their site:

Bitcoin staken

Here you get directly to Getnode, more information and registration: