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Overview- Litebit explained

Litebit is a Dutch, therefore EU-based crypto exchange. It not only offers Bitcoin but also all important AltCoins. Litebit has been around since 2013 and has around 700.000 users. Trustpilot rates Litebit with a very good 4 out of 5 stars.

The focus for the exchange is security and simplicity for the user. It should be easy for everyone to buy and hold cryptocurrencies, as a wallet is included.

Litebit Erfahrung

Litebit test

Litebit experience

I’ve been there for 2 years and so far I have only had excellent experience. I am very satisfied with the following:

Reliability: Litebit has never let me down with transactions. They were always carried out quickly and safely, I could always rely on them. Especially the first time, you have an uneasy feeling whether my money will actually arrive and not disappear into nowhere. But because of the many transactions, I now feel very safe.

Security: The crypto exchange offers 2-factor authentication. This means the identification of a user by means of the combination of two different and in particular independent components (factors). Typical examples are e-mail code, Google authenticator, fingerprint query on the mobile phone, etc.

Simplicity: Everyone can buy and store Bitcoin and other coins very easily here. You don’t necessarily need your own wallet because you have one integrated right away. Of course, you have the option of outsourcing the money to a wallet. Transactions are possible in all directions. The website is generally just very tidy and accessible.

App: The Litebit app is certainly one of the best and most accessible on the market. I use it to quickly call up the courses and check the assets on my wallet. Super light.

Fees: The transaction fees that are charged are the same as those of other major exchanges. Since there is a lot of competition here, everyone is at quite the same level.

Litebit Wallet

Litebit Review, Litebit Erfahrung, Litebit Experience

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Tip - From my Experience

Use integrated wallet, yes or no? – Opinions differ on that. Those who want their Bitcoin to be kept safe and private in their own wallet for ideal reasons, should be allowed. You can specify an external wallet when you buy it. Others, who are a bit more comfortable and want everything in one place, recommend using the very secure wallets from Litebit.

Which coins do you use? – The most important cryptocurrency is clearly Bitcoin. After that comes Etherium and a few others. I recommend starting with these two, especially Bitcoin. The market penetration, the market capital and the news flow are simply the highest and thus the currency is the safest.

Of course, you can later find out about other so-called Alt-Coins (alternative coins) and, if necessary, invest a small percentage of your own crypto assets there.

Gathering your own experience step by step is particularly valuable to me.


The rates vary depending on the platform you use. And yes, the difference can be considerable. It’s not just a matter of a few cents. Sometimes, rates can be higher than 10%.

This is why i trust Litebit, the rates are excellent.

Not a lot of things come for free nowadays, and that includes cryptocurrency trading. Gladly Litebit has low fees and is very recommended.

Litebit is there since 2013.

Litebit has around 700 000 Users.

To the registration

Here you can go directly to Litebit, to register and more information:

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Litebit is legit


Would I recommend Litebit to others?

Yes! The company makes a very good impression, payouts have always been very reliable and I have a good feeling that my money is safe.

The website is very user-friendly and transactions are carried out quickly, cheaply and securely. I think the integrated wallet and the secure 2-factor authentication are particularly good.

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