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What is Morpher

Morpher is new Start up from Austria, Vienna. This is my honest Morpher Review and experience. If you normally want to trade stocks, you have an intermediary, an online broker, who will buy and sell the desired stock for you. Of course, he deducts fees that you have to recover with price gains.

The start-up does not trade shares directly, but with virtual shares, which are based on the prices of their actual representatives. Therefore, the user does not have to pay any broker or exchange fees. The blockchain shows share prices in real time, which you can bet on. Same as on the stock exchange, only without a stock exchange and with all the advantages of the blockchain. Security, decentralization – that is, without a middleman. Just you and the blockchain.


Morpher Review

an example

As an example, you want to bet on Tesla stock. You buy 100 tokens and Tesla makes 10% profit. So you get 110 tokens and go out. 10 token profit, with no fees. If Tesla loses 10%, you would still have 90 tokens. So easy. No brokers, no stock exchanges, no middlemen. The blockchain does all of this for you. Morpher only provides the software. The start-up itself has no influence on user interactions.

At the start of the new portal, all stocks in the S & P500 and NASDAQ100 indices, gold and silver as commodities, as well as 30 different cryptocurrencies and 30 forex pairs will be tradable.


Morpher experience

I tried it and i love it!

I’ve been there almost from the start, so my Morpher Review shows all of my experience with it. When I opened the app or the user interface on the PC for the first time, I was thrilled. Tidy, simple and intuitive! I felt immediately at home. My Morpher experience was honestly very well from the start on! I immediately noticed how many options I have to trade. Cryptos, stocks, currencies, and even clues. Wow, so easy, everything under one roof. I was and am totally thrilled. And the most ingenious thing to try out is hardly any capital investment. Trading with just € 50 is fun! Just try it out!

Austrian Startup

How does Morpher earn money?

Good question! Because without fees, how should that work. Very easily. Every action we do represents a smart contract, which is based on the Etherium blockchain. A small percentage of tokens are generated for the company with each smart contract. This in turn can be sold.

The Morpher Token

Morpher is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and Morpher tokens are an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency (more precisely an ERC20 token). This means that Morpher tokens are compatible with most crypto wallets and can be listed on all major exchanges.

Morpher Tokens support our unique trading platform. They are used as a currency for investments. All trades are made in Morpher Tokens instead of USD or Bitcoin.

Morpher experience

Is registration complex?

First of all, no telephone conversation with any identification people. This is done by an AI or the employees afterwards. What is still needed – and that’s a good thing – an ID and a video as authenticity identification. It took me around 4-5 minutes to complete the registration process, all on my mobile phone or PC. Very easy. At my broker I used to have to send signed forms back and forth, which often took 2-3 weeks together. Here you really want to combine user-friendliness and security. OK then!


Heinestrasse 21/4, Vienna, Austria 1020

Our mission is to democratize trade around the world. Only one big leap can really repair investments: the virtualization of markets in the blockchain.

Forex trading is called currency trading. That means one wetter on currency differences.

Ethereum is not a pure cryptocurrency, but a blockchain technology and thus a decentralized platform for an enormous number of use cases. Technically, it is based on a virtual machine and modern smart contracts.

easy & secure

Morpher review

Conclusion - bottom line

Stock exchange trading without a stock exchange, without brokers and without fees. Especially for me, who likes to trade in smaller amounts and at short intervals, the exchange fees have always been way too high. A dream comes true with the blockchain. But also the many annoyances with brokers who act too slowly and then the price was completely different again, no longer apply. I also think the independence from the big stock exchange companies is really great, because Morpher shines! The vision is that stock exchange trading around the world becomes accessible and democratized. Anyone, even with one euro, can participate safely and easily. Thanks for reading my morpher experience.

If you want to be there, you can find out more or register here on the website: